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We are proud to announce....

We are the First and Only Facility in RVA

Encouraging Mothers to Not Just Labor in Water,

but to

Birth in Water!

Come See Us at:

130 Buford Rd

Richmond VA 23235

804-596-BABY (2229)

Open Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays from 10-6

​Open for Babies...ANYTIME! 


“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.”

~ Jane Weideman

At Embrace, Your Birth Plan is Not Just a Wish List...

~We don't just "let" you eat and drink in labor, we encourage it!

~We offer monthly Doula Meet & Mingles so you can pick a doula you love

...and it's included in your package!

~We have birth balls, birth peanuts, water birth pools, squat bars, birth stools, rebozos and more to help you be as comfortable as possible through labor and birth

~Cords are never clamped before they stop pulsing 

~There are no "routine" procedures...every family is supported in their choices

~Your baby will never leave your side, not alone your room

~Every baby is put directly onto mama's chest,

and encouraged to breastfeed as soon and as much as they desire

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