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Midwifery is, at its core, the ability to “be with woman”. It is being fully present, listening deeply, laughing joyously, and holding sacred space for a woman to walk the labyrinth that will take her to her center, to motherhood. As with a labyrinth, pregnancy and birth circles around and winds back and forth on itself, but there is only one path in and one path out. Midwifery is the ability to guide a woman through that journey, while understanding it is her journey to make.

Midwifery is an ancient art, and when combined with evidence-based clinical care, offers the best of both worlds for healthy women.  We believe deeply in a woman’s ability to birth, and we believe that by encouraging, educating and empowering our clients, we are able to help them strengthen the trust they have in their own bodies.

Often we are asked the difference between medical care and midwifery care. Licensed midwives specialize in healthy moms having healthy babies.  We don’t take care of sick mamas or babies.  Some women do need a doctor, or a hospital, and part of our job is to identify those women and help them find high quality medical care.  Where doctors and hospital practitioners often have the attitude that they can “fix” problems with interventions, we believe it is better to proactively address concerns before they become problems.  By working together and being attentive to nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and stress level, our clients are more likely to enjoy healthy, active pregnancies and safe, sweet home or birth center births.

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“One way to measure a particular doctor's openness and attitude toward women in general is simply to ask about the doctor's opinion of midwifery.” 

― Marsden Wagner