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Preconception Counseling

Midwifery Services

A preconception counseling session allows us time to:

  • Perform a physical assessment and to discuss any recommended lab testing, such as progesterone, folic acid, Vit D, test for anemia.
  • Obtain a Pap smear, if indicated
  • Assess your personal health by reviewing your pregnancy history, medical history, use of medications, genetic and family history and nutritional assessment with a personal diet review
  • Discuss ways to become healthier – review of healthy weight, healthy diet, stress relief, environmental factors, exercise & fitness, fertility awareness
  • Advise if any changes are needed – folic acid supplementation, vitamins, herbs, smoking or drinking cessation

A preconception visit is a great first step to a conscious conception and a healthy pregnancy.

"If a doula were a drug,

it would be unethical not to use it."

~John H. Kennell, MD

It is a big decision to start planning for a pregnancy, and more research comes out every day proving that the health and wellbeing of the mother before conception has a direct effect on the health of your future baby. Many women do not realize they are pregnant until well after the critical period of fetal development in the first trimester. Preconception care allows us time to address and change any necessary issues, reducing the risk to mothers and babies. A leisurely hour long office visit with time to discuss how to optimize your health and lifestyle before conception is the best time to meet your midwife.