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​​“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear.”

~ Jane Weideman



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Books We Love
Anything by Ina May Gaskin will make you smile and give you plenty of food for thought.
Every partner should read 
The Birth Partner and every woman should read Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn
Michael Odent brings us a gentle, European perspective.  Beautiful man, beautiful words.
Robin Lim wrote an excellent book about AFTER the baby is born, and the changes mothers go through.
The Thinking Woman’s Guide to a Better Birth is a no-nonsense, logical approach.

A few of our wonderful local resources....

Richmond Doulas – a comprehensive resource for birth and parenting in Richmond
Richmond Mom – “Where Hip Moms Click!” – Local events, pregnancy resources, parenting resources, and more
ICAN Of Richmond – International Cesarean Awareness Network of Richmond, VA
Richmond Mothering/Postpartum Circle – To help mothers connect, share, and cope in the first few years after a baby is born.
La Leche League of Richmond – Mother to mother breastfeeding support
Birth Talk – Monthly support circle for pregnant women and their partners seeking a low intervention birth
Babywearing International of Central Virginia – provide free and low-cost baby wearing education and community support to parents and caregivers in the Richmond Metro region
The Cord Blood Center– Providing information for expectant mothers and families considering cord blood banking

Choosing a Midwife

Midwives And The Care They Provide – American College of Nurse-Midwive
What is a Midwife? – Midwives Alliance of North America

Choosing an Obstetrician or Physician 
Local physicians that do birth are listed here, along with their education, specialties, academic history, and obstetrics statistics.  If you are comparing doctors, look at their cesarean and episiotomy rates.  For comparison, our episiotomy rate is far less than 1% and our cesarean rate for women who transfer is less than 8%.
American Academy of Family Physicians offer wonderful, family-based care and are a great choice for women (and babies!)