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Often called the “midwive’s aquadural”, nothing seems to help mothers as much as getting into birth tub.  Almost all of my clients use the tub for comfort during labor, and close to 80% actually have their babies underwater.

Research has been done, and water birth is safe and effective!

• The buoyancy of water allows mothers to get into any position that is comfortable during labor and birth, and lets them use less muscle strength to be in those positions.  No one has to help the mother move into new positions, so the mother is free to move as she wants to.  Movement allows baby to descend, and helps labor move along effectively.

After the Baby

• It provides significant pain relief.  Over and over, we have seen mothers sigh with relief immediately after getting into the tub.  When a woman relaxes into warm water, the stress hormones that inhibit the endorphins and slow labor are reduced.  Those endorphins are what allows women to go into “labor land”, that place of haziness that takes you from 5-10 cm.  They are what helps reduce any sensations of discomfort, so mothers can relax physically and mentally.

• Mother’s LOVE it.  Close to 97% say that they would labor in water again, and many of those say they would never do it any other way.

• It’s gentle on mother and baby!  Baby emerges into…more warm water.  Just like the womb, only a bit bigger.  Baby has the opportunity to adjust to life on the outside more easily, and many  water birth babies don’t even cry when they get to mother’s arms.

Placing a pool of water in a birth room changes the atmosphere immediately. Voices get softer, the mother stays calmer and everyone becomes less stressed.

We also offer birth pool rentals, even if you are not a midwifery client.  Contact us for more details

Do you want to push your baby out underwater?

We love waterbirth!



• It can speed up labor.  Some studies say that if mothers enter the pool at around 7-8 cm, the average birth takes place 2 hours later!  

• Water gives mother more feelings of control.

​• Water promotes relaxation.  It’s warm.  It’s water.  If you love a warm bath, you’ll love water birth.

• While partners and doulas and midwives can still reach and support the birthing mother, she has her own protected space that she is in control of.  But if she wants...our birth tubs have room for partners to get in, too!

• Warm water helps the perineal tissues stretch and reduces tearing.

‎"If I don’t know my options,

I don’t have any.”

~ Diana Korte